• Bulk Buys UU492-2 Roulette Drinking Game 2 Piece

Bulk Buys UU492-2 Roulette Drinking Game 2 Piece

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Brand Bulk Buys
Being in the dollar merchandise business since its beginning, we know what sells, and we are always adding new and different items to our inventory. We are always looking for new items, and we have recently added pet items and craft supplies to our catalog. We design all of the packaging for our items to ensure that categories of merchandise have cohesive matching packaging, and that they are appealing to the eye. Features
  • Roulette Drinking Game 2 Piece
  • Add fun to a birthday bachelor or frat party with this fun Roulette Drinking Game
  • It's a game for those who are ready to have fun with their alcohol
  • Includes a roulette wheel 16 numbered shot glasses and 2 metal balls
  • Pick your numbers and get ready to do some drinking!
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