• Physical Fitness and Yoga

Physical Fitness and Yoga

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The present modern life style has made the people to face lot of challenges and problems in their routine life, It demands more physical and mental efficiency to cope with such challenges and problems. To fulfill those demands Physical fitness and Yoga exercises are ideal ways to face the challenges and problems in an effective and efficient manner. Keeping above matter and the syllabus of physical fitness and yoga subjects of St. Mira's College for Girls, Pune in mind the present peace of book is published. The purpose of book is to lay frame work for practical application of relative significance of Physical Fitness and Yoga exercises. The book Physical Fitness and Yoga' brings the knowledge about the Physical fitness and Yoga exercises and its health benefits to the human body. Through the various chapters this book delineates the importance of Physical fitness and Yoga exercises in daily routine life to keep away the stress and strain. It also shows light on the type of each exercise and its health benefits. This book enables us to understand the practical procedures of doing each exercise in a very systematic way by utilizing our body joints motions. The book also enlightens about the significant role of Physical fitness and Yoga exercises in curing various diseases and recovering from the health illness. The book is very essential for the academic studies in Physical Education and Allied Sciences; it can be utilized for teaching purpose for the U.G and RG level students of various courses.
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