• Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care, Revised Edition

Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care, Revised Edition

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How to use this book When a medical emergency strikes, what you do can mean the difference between life and death. The American Medical Association Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care, Revised Edition, gives you all the information you need--quickly, easily, clearly--so that you can make the difference. Key features include the most up-to-date emergency care information: the newest CPR positions and techniques to be used on infants, children, and adults first-aid and lifesaving techniques you can practice so you're prepared when an emergency strikes injuries, illnesses, and medical emergencies: an alphabetical listing to help you find the information you need quickly easy-to-follow instructions and clear line drawings that walk you through each step what happens in the emergency room; knowing when to call your doctor or the hospital and what information to have ready sports injuries: treatment and recovery, especially for the amateur, school, or weekend athlete a chart to be filled in for each family member to list medical information, such as allergies and immunizations, to have on hand for emergency situations a comprehensive index, with complete listings by subject and symptom for fast reference
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