• Smithsonian Folkways FW-09797-CCD Margaret Walker Reads Margaret Walker and Langston Hughes

Smithsonian Folkways FW-09797-CCD Margaret Walker Reads Margaret Walker and Langston Hughes

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Brand Smithsonian Folkways
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution the national museum of the United States. We are dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation preservation and dissemination of sound. We believe that musical and cultural diversity contributes to the vitality and quality of life throughout the world. Through the dissemination of audio recordings and educational materials we seek to strengthen peoples engagement with their own cultural heritage and to enhance their awareness and appreciation of the cultural heritage of others.

Margaret Walker was one of the most respected poets not only in the African American community but in America at large. Reading selections from her most acclaimed collection of poetry For My People Walker s poetry expresses a collective historical identity in poems such as Big John Henry and Stagolee. Walker was heavily influenced by the poetry of Langston Hughes and it is thus fitting that she recites his poetry from Hughes Madam series.

  • Year of Recording 1975.
  • Record Label Folkways Records.
  • Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.
  • Credits Authored by Langston Hughes ; Authored by Margaret Walker ; Artist Margaret Walker ; Cover artwork by Tom Feelings ; Design by Ronald Clyne.

  • 101 Madams Past History Margaret Walker 1:00.
  • 102 Madam and her Madam Margaret Walker 0:51.
  • 103 Madams Calling Card Margaret Walker 0:54.
  • 104 Madam and the Rent Man Margaret Walker 0:56.
  • 105 Madam and the Number Writer Margaret Walker 0:58.
  • 106 Madam and the Phone Bill Margaret Walker 1:23.
  • 107 Madam and the Charity Child Margaret Walker 0:57.
  • 108 Madam and the Fortune Teller Margaret Walker
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