• Weight Watchers Weight Loss That Lasts

Weight Watchers Weight Loss That Lasts

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Break through the 10 big diet myths! In this book, renowned expert Dr. James Rippe and Weight Watchers give you the scientific knowledge you need to break through the myths, get off the dieting roller coaster, and shed those pounds for keeps. Believers Beware! MYTH #1 You can't lose weight and keep it off MYTH #2 A few extra pounds don't matter MYTH #3 Willpower is the key to successful weight loss MYTH #4 You can lose weight with exercise alone MYTH #5 Calories don't matteravoid fats or carbs to lose weight successfully MYTH #6 You can't lose weight if you have the wrong metabolism or genes MYTH #7 You can boost your metabolism by what, how, and when you eat MYTH #8 It doesn't matter how you take the weight off; you can think about keeping it off later MYTH #9There is only one right approach to losing weight MYTH #10 Your weight is your problem, and you need to solve it on your own "Incisive and refreshing. James Rippe and Weight Watchers expose a series of ten myths pervasive in the weight-loss industry, revealing both the kernels of truth they contain and how they have been misinterpreted and distorted." Claude Bouchard, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana State University
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